Prof. Hisaki Watari, Tokyo Denki University, Japan


Biography: Hisaki Watari has received his PhD in Mechanical System Engineering, from Gunma University, Japan in 2006. He has been researching into properties of magnesium alloy by rapid cooling by using twin roll casting in these fifteen years in Gunma University and Oyama National Colleague of Technology in Japan, in UMIST in the UK. He is now the chair of the Japan Association of Aluminum Forging Technology. He has published more than 130 papers in journals and conducting works relating metal forming of light metals, such as aluminum and magnesium alloys.


Prof. Yong-Shin Lee, Kookmin University, Korea


Biography: Prof. Yong-Shin Lee received his BS from Seoul National University in Korea, MS from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Engineering (KAIST) in Korea, and Ph. D. from Cornell University in the United States of America. He worked at Samsung Engineering Co., and Korea Institute of Science and Engineering (KIST), before he joined the School of Mechanical Engineering, Kookmin University in 1992. Since then, he served as a Dean in the College of Engineering, as a Dean in the Graduate School of Engineering, Kookmin University. He also served as a President of Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity (KSTP). He has been working on the process design for metal forming such as rolling, extrusion/drawing, forging, and so forth. The specialty in his process model is the incorporation of micro structural developments such as texture development and damage evolution. He also developed a damage evolution model, a new penalty contact model, a new diffusion bonding model in terms of temperature and plastic work dissipation, and a constitutive relation for powder metallurgy.



Prof. Toshio Haga, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Biography: Professor Toshio Haga was born in Japan in 1961. He finished doctoral course and received a Doctor of Engineering from Waseda University in 1992. He worked at Osaka Institute of Technology and was promoted to Professor in 2005. From 2000 to 2001, he was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sheffield. His main research subjects are high speed roll casting, clad strip roll casting and semisolid casting of aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys.


Assoc. Prof. Kheng-Lim Goh, Newcastle University (Nanyang Polytechnic Campus)&Newcastle Research & Innovation Institute (NewRIIS), Singapore


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